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Stiff Taps?  modern taps, designer taps

Taps Hard to Turn Off?  

Dripping Taps?

Constantly Running Taps?

Loose Taps?

Tap Handle Spinning?

Broken Taps?

Leaking Taps?  

What ever the problem Our Tap Doctor specialises in Tap Repairs. Whatever the fault with yourTaps, we can solve it.

We supply Taps, Fit Taps, Replace Taps and repair:

Kitchen Taps

Bathroom Taps

Showers Heads and Complete Showers

Garden Taps

We stock:

Sink Tapsglass_waterfall_tap

Sink Mixer Taps 

Pillar taps, 

Bath Mixer taps, 

Bath Taps

Basin Taps

Shower Mixer Taps

We also supply and retail Taps and Tap kits by brand names such as Tremercati and Sagittarius, in a range of traditional Taps and Modern Tap designs to suit all tastes.

With the soon introduction of water meters in the Dublin Area you will be charged by the council if your taps are leaking. We can fix them from as little as 40 

Call the Tap Doctor on 087-9887786or email colmanytime@hotmail.com to discuss your particular Tap problem.
The Tap Doctor is more than happy to offer advice or give an estimate for repair.

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