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Tune up those rads 1/2 Price Deal 250.00

 Have you got cold radiators ...?  have you got black sludge when you vent your rads ....?  constant air in the rads  broken bleed valve ? we can fix them

Radiators Heating Again , Great at HALF the price.of a power flush...........only   250.00
ts not always the case that you need them flushed , we can tune up your heating system , add chemicals , and get the best  heat out of your system , 

  & It includes Full Pac Treatment & Ihibitor Protector  call me and lets discuss your heating problems.

Radiator Flushing explained
Why do i need it done ?

DID YOU KNOW over the years the same water can be in your radiators that can turn into a slimy sticky liquid which will block up your radiators, cold on bottom means there blocked or rusted internally . We can check your rads and see what content of sludge you may have and then advise on the best treatment , they will never heat once they have gone cold . check this site for the chemicals we use to clean out your heating system Fernox D40.


Rothenberger Central Heating Power Flush Unit

we cannot be held responsible for any disruption or damage caused by the powerflushing of a system , we will advise on old systems , and we have other methods of tuning your central heating .

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