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  Radiator Flushing We Offer 4 Services 

1. Deep Cleanse  6 to 8hr  Hour Flush 
    includes Fernox D 40 Full Pac Treatment & Ihibitor Protector 

2. Recomended for Gun Barrel piping system 
     Flush with medium sludge cleaner Magna Clean fitted for 6 hours to filter water on system full treatment & Inhibitor Protector.

3. Boiler & Radiator Flush 5 Radiators with mild cleaners & Inhibitor  

Now   for the whole house !
INCLUDES Inhibtor Protector
cant get air out of radiators ?? we can ! tap in a new vent

For a deep cleanse we need the machine below which includes Fernox Cleaner & Inhibitor 6 to 8 hr


Rothenberger Central Heating Power Flush Unit





The Ro Pro-Flush is designed to power flush heating systems with minimal dismantling, by circulating water and flushing chemicals at high velocity, and then purging the dirty water from the system with a high flow of fresh, clean water.


Radiators may be individually flushed without removal from the system.

This machine is the latest on the market for cleaning out your heating sludge build up

It takes up to 6 hours to clean out your system , we use Fernox Cleaners and also add an Inhibitor to preserve your radiators from anymore corrosion .

If you find cold spots on your radiators like in the middle or on the bottom then your system is heavily sludged up , that may require individual attention , after the power flush there is a charge of 10.00 euro per radiator if it warrants removal from wall to be treated separately.

we cannot be held responsible for any disruption or damage caused by the powerflushing of a system , we will advise on old systems , and we have other methods of tuning your central heating .


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