Toilet Doctor -Toilet Repairs

Is that nasty Toilet up to its old tricks again ?

Toilet Wont Flush ?  Toilet repair

Toilet Slow to Fill up?  

Toilet Button Stuck?  

Toilet Handle Loose?

Toilet Constantly Running?

Cistern Overflowing? 

Broken Toilet Handle? 

Leaking Toilet?  

Blocked Toilet? 

Ballcock Broken ?  

Our Toilet Doctor specialises in Toilet Repairs. Whatever the fault with your toilet, we can solve it.

We repair and replace:bathroom


Ball Valves

Toilet Flushes

Toilet Siphons

Waste Pipes

Seals and Washers

Call the Toilet Doctor on 087-9887786 or send an email to colmanytime@hotmail.com to discuss your particular WC problem.
The Toilet Doctor is more than happy to offer advice or give an estimate for repair.

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